Fake Shark Attack Selfie Tries, Fails to Kill Fall Out Boy

Hudson Hongo · 08/12/14 03:33PM

For a celebrity, one of the greatest rites of passage is one's first viral death hoax. On Thursday, musician Pete Wentz finally reached this milestone, transforming before our very eyes from a Fall Out Boy into a Fall Out Man.

Homophobes Freak Out Over Gay Batman Rumor

Hudson Hongo · 07/24/14 03:15PM

On Monday, totally fake and not real "satire" news site National Report published an article claiming they had obtained a leaked script of the upcoming Superman Vs. Batman [sic]: Dawn Of Justice, one that portrayed the Dark Knight as "an out-and-proud homosexual." Naturally, Internet bigots treated the report with their typical level of caution and skepticism, going completely bat-shit over the bat-rumors.

No, Chicago Isn't an Actual War Zone

Hudson Hongo · 07/11/14 02:45PM

With over 80 people shot, the Fourth of July weekend was Chicago's bloodiest of the year, prompting some to suggest the National Guard be called in to patrol the troubled city. On Monday, "satire" site The News Nerd did them one better, publishing an article claiming military forces had already been deployed to the city now "considered a war zone."