Lab Results Are in on the Dead "Alien" a Woman Found in Her Can of Tuna

Jay Hathaway · 02/06/15 10:18AM

A couple of weeks ago, a U.K. woman grossed everyone out by tweeting photos of a tiny, translucent creature with beady black eyes that she found dead inside her can of tuna. Zoe Butler named the strange l'il guy "Eric," and later announced she'd turned it over to Princes Tuna, who sent it to a lab for testing. Now they've announced their findings.

"Alien Thigh Bone" Found on Mars Is Just a Rock

Hudson Hongo · 08/22/14 01:45PM

On Thursday, media outlets across the English-speaking world creamed their collective space-jeans over a possible "alien thigh bone" recently photographed by the Mars rover Curiosity. Citing the basement-renowned astronomists at, the Huffington Post, The Independent and the Daily Mirror all published empty speculation about the "mysterious object," the last naming it "the latest in a string of sightings of fossilised bones that enthusiasts have spotted."