Weeks after the police shooting of Michael Brown, it's still unclear what injuries—if any—Brown's killer Darren Wilson sustained during the encounter, but that hasn't stopped the officer's defenders from finding the bogus "evidence" they need.

Last month, that meant Ann Coulter holding up a discredited stock X-ray as proof of Wilson's "fractured eye socket." Today, it means photos of a clearly different white dude racing through social media as an "injured Darren Wilson."

Taking even a cursory glance at previously released photos of Wilson, it's obvious that the above image is of someone else entirely, a person whose full list of similarities to the Ferguson police officer start and end with "is also a Caucasian male."

In reality, the injured man is motocross rider Jim McNeil, who died in 2011. McNeil is seen here after a 2006 crash that broke bones in his "forehead, cheek, nose, jaw and eye socket."

The photo became associated with Wilson thanks to a misleading Facebook post bearing the title "Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson MO Police Department." By Thursday morning, that post been shared over 40,000 times.

Among those fooled was right-wing radio host Larry Elder, who posted the photo on his website. The page has since been taken down, but as everyone—even easily-fooled talk show hosts—should know by know, the Internet never forgets.

[ Images via Twitter/Facebook | h/t Little Green Footballs]

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