Just hours before Breaking Bad swept the Emmys Monday night, lying shitbirds National Report published an article titled "Vince Gilligan Announces Breaking Bad Season 6; Begins Shooting Jan. 2015 – Walt Did Not Die!"

As you might expect, news of the highest-rated series of all time returning to television was kind of exciting for some people and by Wednesday morning the story had been shared over half a million times.

Unfortunately for Walter White's bereaved fans, the article—like the rest of National Report's digital garbage—is false. Gilligan's supposed announcement never happened, the pictured script isn't real and the "series writer" quoted in the story is just Breaking Bad's most desperate stan.

"I know Vince Gilligan is never going to do a season 6," article author and proud hoaxer Paul Horner told Mashable, "so I did one." Presumably by accident, Horner's report did manage to include one factual detail, however, quoting Bryan Cranston's "Never say never" response to questions about the future of Walter White.

On Tuesday, National Report responded to their story's overwhelmingly negative reception by publishing a fake quote from Vince Gilligan. "Not everything has to be funny, or satire, or like The Onion," stated the hoax site, bravely taking a stand in the name of un-funny, witless lies.

[Image via AMC]

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