Like so many improperly-stored, bigoted fireworks, anti-Islamic outrage exploded this week on Twitter after troll news site National Report published an article claiming President Obama would spend the 4th of July meeting with Muslim leaders at a D.C-area mosque.

"[C]an't make this shit up," noted one astonished commenter, ignoring the fact that, yes, of course you can. A simple check of the president's official itinerary shows he was actually scheduled to speak at a naturalization ceremony for members of the military Friday morning, a platform he used to urge for immigration reform. But critics of America's first Islam-ish president ran with the story anyway, including posters on Reddit and sketch comedian turned sketch political pundit Victoria Jackson.

Jackson, you might remember, is the former Saturday Night Live cast member who sought to distance herself from her ditzy public image by singing "Yes, I'm a Birther (And I'm Really, Really Proud)." On Thursday, she further proved her intellectual rigor by republishing the hoax news report in its entirety on her website. As of Saturday, Jackson still has the page up, even after being told repeatedly that the article is false.