Reddit's r/WTF page reached impressive new levels of what-the-fuck-ery last week when user BoiledEggs posted this disturbing image to the site with the title "Dude in CA. steals his dead GF from morgue and posts picture to his social media page."

Some readers immediately questioned the story's authenticity, but many more simply passed it along, and by Friday the picture had been shared thousands of times on social media, earning a boost from hip-hop producer Funkmaster Flex along the way.

As many speculated, however, the "dead girlfriend" pictured in the photo is just a high quality prop. In reality, the picture was taken earlier this month by a production assistant working for your dad's favorite four-letter police procedural, a fact the photographer confirmed to Gawker.

"It was my friend who put this story online without my permission," the would-be corpse courter told Antiviral, "and he also put that crazy title."

But even though the photo isn't a major violation of California's health and safety code, it's still a pretty great shot. As one online admirer noted, "This guy's selfie game is strong."

[ Image via Imgur]

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