A couple of weeks ago, a U.K. woman grossed everyone out by tweeting photos of a tiny, translucent creature with beady black eyes that she found dead inside her can of tuna. Zoe Butler named the strange l'il guy "Eric," and later announced she'd turned it over to Princes Tuna, who sent it to a lab for testing. Now they've announced their findings.

Although the Natural History Museum in London initially identified Eric as a tongue-eating louse, the lab that tested it was able to confirm that it's actually something you can (maybe) think about without puking: A tiny, immature crab.

Tuna typically eat crab larvae and little post-larval crabs like this one, which explains how it ended up in the can. Princes has apologized for failing to filter the megalopa out, but says that although "the appearance of the crab will have been unpleasant," it "represents no food safety risk."

"A lot of people said it could be aliens but obviously it wasn't," Butler told the Nottingham Post, "Sorry to disappoint."

Sorry to disappoint.

[h/t Uproxx]