"Wouldn't it be crazy if [TV show I watch] were real?" That's the thought that had Showtime subscribers losing their shit this week after an article came out about 17 dismembered bodies being found in the Ohio River near Henderson, Ky. According to the report, the victims were wrapped in individual plastic bags and some had "extensive criminal records," causing police to speculate the murders were possibly "inspired by the television series Dexter."

It was a good story, judging by the 200,000 Facebook shares the article had amassed by Thursday morning, but it was also totally bogus. Asked if the report was true, Henderson County Coroner Bruce Farmer told Gawker, "No, not in the least bit." "We did retrieve a lower leg out of the river on Friday," said Farmer, "but no 17 bodies." Henderson Police similarly disputed the story of the serial serial killer killer, issuing their own denial via Twitter:

The original source of the story was Empire News, a self-described "satirical and entertainment website" who, in this case, were apparently satirizing the police's foolish tendency to find dead people.

[Image via Showtime]