On Monday, totally fake and not real "satire" news site National Report published an article claiming they had obtained a leaked script of the upcoming Superman Vs. Batman [sic]: Dawn Of Justice, one that portrayed the Dark Knight as "an out-and-proud homosexual." Naturally, Internet bigots treated the report with their typical level of caution and skepticism, going completely bat-shit over the bat-rumors.

Of course, to answer J's question, the place where homosexuality was in the comics was everywhere, Batman's gay subtext first noted 60 years ago in Fredric Wertham's infamous Seduction of the Innocent. In fact, Batman's supposed homosexual outing wouldn't even be the first time the character was played as gay onscreen, should we believe George Clooney's self-congratulatory claim that he "made him gay" in 1997's Batman & Robin.

Asked to respond to National Report's Superman/Batman slash fiction, Warner Bros. declined to comment.

[Image via Flickr/kapten]