For a celebrity, one of the greatest rites of passage is one's first viral death hoax. On Thursday, musician Pete Wentz finally reached this milestone, transforming before our very eyes from a Fall Out Boy into a Fall Out Man.

Unfortunately for him, this particular death hoax identified Wentz as "James Crowlett," a 34-year-old insurance salesman from Oregon, in a fake news story titled "Man Takes Selfie Moments Before Deadly Shark Attack."

Out of either laziness or sheer contempt for their audience, publisher World News Daily Report chose to illustrate the "satire" article with a picture of the definitely-not-dead Fall Out Boy bass player. This was an absurdity not lost on Wentz himself, who tweeted a link to the story with the caption "Rest in Pete."

The ultimate source of the picture, it appears, is a year-old Tumblr post combining an underwater Wentz selfie with a photo of an attacking shark.

But despite being a crude Photoshop of a fairly famous human, the "shark attack selfie" became a viral hit, eliciting numerous shocked reactions on social media.

By Tuesday the article had amassed over 30,000 shares.

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