This weekend, Netflix customers lost their collective shit after known flim-flam artists Empire News reported Orange Is the New Black had been canceled, supposedly for having too few male leads.

For good measure, the troll article quoted Netflix CEO Reed Hastings as saying, "A woman's place is in the home, in the kitchen," showcasing the website's remarkable dedication to laziness even when it comes to imaginary sexism. As anyone who's visited the Internet might predict, the response was swift and profane.

The story gained even greater traction on Saturday after R&B singer Jasmine V shared the story with her 1,670,000 followers, finally prompting an official comment on the "satire" article:

Despite this (and the show's repeated assurances to fans that "we'd never leave you, girl"), the viral hoax showed few signs of slowing down Monday night. By Tuesday morning the Empire News article had more than 600,000 shares.

[Image via Netflix]