Last week, garbage "satire" site National Report published an article claiming August to be "International Muslim Awareness Month" by presidential proclamation. Of course, no such declaration exists and the story was easily debunked, but patriots from across the Islamophobosphere donned their tricorn hats to denounce Obama anyway, even after being told the report was false.

Notified that the story came from a satirical news site, one commenter in an Obama hate-thread replied, "Fuck you and the damn muslims." Given the same information, another user responded, "HUSSEIN, YOU ARE SUCH A (fill in your choice)," single-handedly inventing the "crypto-racists Mad Libs" genre.

Their collective error was all the more impressive given that the story was first disproven nine months ago, when National Report ran an earlier version of the "Obama Loves Islam Month" article. Unfortunately, there's only so much you can do for someone whose opinions are literally the title of an Onion article.