The World Cup may be over, but on the Internet the "World Cup bullshit" season is in full effect. So which of today's viral soccer stories are completely made-up? Read below to find out! (Hint: It's all of them)

No, this Twitter account didn't predict the World Cup final

Pretty freaky, right? That's what everyone else thought until they figured out how this relatively simple trick was done: By announcing all possible outcomes beforehand and then quietly deleting the bad guesses.

A Topsy search of @FifNdhs provides an archive of the account's less accurate predictions, such as "Argentina will win in penalties" and "Tomorrows scoreline will be 0-0."

Sure, that last one might not even be possible under World Cup rules, but in the event of Armageddon it would have looked pretty darn prescient.

No, this Christ the Redeemer photo wasn't from Germany's win

Despite the captions given by 9GAG and others, this photo of Rio de Janeiro's iconic statue wasn't from Sunday night, but the night before. That's when Germany's fans beat out Argentina's in an online vote to bathe Big J in their flag's colors.

During Sunday's closing ceremony, the colossal Christ represented the home team, sporting a slightly less blood-soaked green and yellow:

No, North Koreans didn't think they were in the World Cup

On Saturday, multiple media outlets ran stories about the wacky North Korean propaganda machine telling citizens the nation's team (which didn't qualify for the World Cup) had made the semi-finals. Their source? Some video on YouTube.

North Koreans would have to be pretty to gullible to buy that line, considering state media has been broadcasting the games throughout the tournament, with citizens explicitly acknowledging their team's absence. By Monday, most news sites had updated their posts to reflect the video's dubious provenance, by which time it had amassed more than 5 million views.

And while we're at:

Japan's team didn't arrive in Brazil by Pikachu, this "World Cup riot" picture is from 2013 and that Netherlands doping story comes from the worst "satire" site on the Internet.

Also sorry, Singaporeans: You didn't have the day off to watch soccer.

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