Radio stations across the country hit sweet, psycho ex-girlfriend paydirt last week when they dug up this article about "the most extreme case of stalking ever recorded in the history of the country." According to the story, one Linda Murphy was arrested in New Mexico after calling her ex-boyfriend 77,639 times in one week. "Can you imagine all the energy drinks she must have consumed to have all those sleepless nights?!" asked San Francisco's 99.7 NOW, failing to first ask if the totally bogus article was fake.

"I do not show any record of Linda Murphy having been arrested," an Albuquerque Police spokesperson told Gawker via email. That's not too surprising given the original article came from World News Daily Report, a self-described "political satire web publication." In real life, the mugshot is of Oklahoma City's Cierra Steed, who took to Facebook to clear her maybe-not-so-good name.

Steed has previously made headlines for crawling through a McDonald's drive-through window, getting arrested again later that same day and admitting she was a murder witness on Facebook. "This dude I was I guess sorta dating stabbed his aunt to death like two bedrooms away from me," Steed said on the website back in 2012. Interested suitors will be disappointed to learn her relationship status is currently listed as "Married."

[Image via NewsOK]