A woman’s butt implants exploded while she was doing squats at the gym for an Instagram workout video, hoping to become the next Jen Selter, according to News 4 San Antonio, Cosmopolitan, and several other sites. She’s now in a coma, with damage to several internal organs. But is she really?

Nah. The sad tale of 27-year-old Boston woman Serena Beuford’s exploding ass is a hoax by Newswatch33, an up-and-coming fake news site that recently had a big hit with a hoax about Jay-Z and Beyoncé acquiring the rights to the confederate flag.

The story spread thanks to our general fascination with asses and their discontents, plus some absolutely perfect fabricated money quotes, like this one from a fellow gym patron identified only as “Jewel”:

I heard a loud popping noise followed by the woman falling to the floor. She was screaming my ass is gone!!!

“My ass is gone!!!”—you can’t make that up, right?

There’s also the photo, which is definitely of a woman with butt implants, but is not “Serena Beuford.” Thatsfake.com points out it’s actually “mega huge fake booty” model Elnaz1985, who has several other selfies on Twitter.

This hoax is especially troubling because it took in an NBC affiliate, typically near the top of the internet hierarchy of trustworthy sources, which lent credibility to something that normally wouldn’t pass the sniff test.

[Photo: Newswatch33]