A Peruvian public service announcement making the rounds today captured two men sexually harassing women on the street, only to find out that the victims of their catcalling are their own moms in disguise. Some sites are treating it as if a prankster's hidden camera actually caught a man hollering at his mom's "tasty panties," but if the scene seems totally staged, that's because it was.

The "Whistling at Your Mom" ad actually debuted in Peru back in November, on the heels of the viral "10 Hours Walking as a Woman in New York City" that made street harassment a worldwide hot topic. The original Spanish-language video has been viewed more than 5 million times. A reuploaded, translated version hit Reddit this week, bringing the PSA to English-speaking audiences.

When the video first debuted, Spanish newspaper El País reported that the whole scene was staged with actors, but the story was "based on interviews with real subjects who once harassed female relatives by mistake and expressed 'deep shame.'"

According to internet hoax-busting compendium Emergent.info, Peruvian business newspaper Gestion also called the video out as a scripted setup, writing, "Speaking about the narrative aspect, it is obvious the situations had been staged. We do understand it would be difficult to go with real interactions, but it is also obvious they wanted us to believe they were real, when they're not."

It's basically a funnier, tamer version of the hoax video from last November that showed men on Hollywood Boulevard trying to take advantage of a "drunk" woman. At least the actors knew what they were getting into in this one.

Although these gullible harassers didn't actually have the tables turned on them by their own moms—"tasty panties," god, how embarrassing—the point of the video still stands: Would you treat your mother like that?

The debate about whether setups like this do more harm than good in attempting to end catcalling—some people use them to disingenuously argue that street harassment itself is a fiction—continues.

[h/t Time]