Wow, neat picture, right? A photo of Peter Dinklage (the Internet's favorite actor) with Grumpy Cat (the Internet's favorite meme-turned-premium coffee drink). It's kinda perfect really, except for the fact that it's total bullshit.

News of the server-melting meet-up was big enough to become Facebook's top trending topic earlier today, but just because something gets posted on Reddit and goes viral doesn't make it true. The original, unedited photo, shown below, exposes the image as a crude cut-and-paste job.

Taken by music blogger Will Oliver back in May, the O.G. pic features a noticeable lack of celebrity cat action. As Oliver explained in an email to Gawker this morning, "Unfortunately, there was no live grumpy cat with us."

I went to the X-Men live event in NYC last May. I ended up meeting Peter Dinklage while there and asked to take a photo with him. Since I'm on the tall end (I'm about 6'6), he then went to take the photo for me selfie style. The ORIGINAL photo that we took is posted on my instagram account.

But despite being completely phony, the photo and its Aegon-like campaign to conquer the Internet show no signs of slowing down, earning write-ups from Esquire, Huffington Post and Death & Taxes. All men must die, but bullshit photos live forever.