Fueled by a potent mix of ignorance and teenage boredom, rumors of an upcoming "purge" raced across the country last week, with just about every major American city named as a target. A purge, in case you're not familiar, is the eponymous night of terror from 2013's The Purge, a dystopian horror-thriller where once a year all crime is legal for 12 hours.

Of course, the supposedly imminent violence and mayhem never came. Police in Louisville—the city most often named in the warnings—dismissed the rumors as the work of "some kid who thinks it's funny." But L.A. Laker and Iggy Azalea beau Nick Young apparently didn't get the message, taking to Twitter to condemn the completely fictional practice.

"So they got a real life purge in Chi-town and Milwaukee, that's crazy" wrote Young on Tuesday, correctly assessing the hoax as a crazy thing no sane person should believe and sharing it with 150,000 people anyway.

To his credit, Young did hedge his statement somewhat, saying, "We need to wake up for real if that's true." Although really, we could probably use some waking up either way.

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