About a third of Mexican-ish fast food chain Chipotle's 1,700 locations have temporarily stopped serving carnitas (a.k.a. pork), causing a number of sputtering, apopleptic egg avatars on Twitter to flip the fuck out in an anti-Muslim panic.

The reason the restaurant has cut back on pork products has nothing to do with the practices of any religion, and everything to with the practices of one of Chipotle's main meat suppliers. The company had to dump one of its pork sources because the facilities where it housed its pigs weren't up to Chipotle's standards.

Carnitas are off the menu in some areas until Chipotle solves the supply problem. They're "exploring many options to add to our pork supply, including adding new suppliers, finding additional cuts of pork to use, and growing the supply among existing suppliers," a spokesperson told ABC.

In the meantime, Chipotle is running a special to encourage people to order "sofritas," the chain's tofu option, instead. Good luck with that.

If recent history is any guide, this information probably won't do much to prevent a Chipotle boycott among people who believe that Muslims are terrorists and Chipotle has negotiated with them.

NYPD supporters and Second Amendment Men campaigned against the restaurant last month after a lone employee at a Brooklyn location made the "hands up, don't shoot" gesture at a group of police officers. A meme took hold claiming that the cops had been denied service, and that misinformation still persists on Facebook. Chipotle also took heat from angry conservatives for asking Texas open carry advocates not to flash their firearms in its restaurants.

[Photo via Melinda Davenport/WISN 12 News/Twitter]