Miley Cyrus Takes Three Days Off Internet, Fueling Death Rumors

If you're not on Instagram, do you even really exist? That's the existential dilemma Miley Cyrus fans wrestled with this weekend after the pop star took an almost 90-hour break from posting dirty feet pics and dildo reviews. The uncharacteristic social media silence seemed to confirm a laughably fake survey scam »7/22/14 3:20pm7/22/14 3:20pm


$10,000 "World's Longest Dinosaur Poop" Is Probably Just a Rock

On Friday, Popular Science, the Daily Mail and others reported that the 40-inch "world's longest dinosaur poo" was going up for auction later this month, available to well-heeled scat lovers for an estimated $10,000. That works out to $250 per inch, which is really pretty reasonable, or at least would be if the… »7/21/14 2:30pm7/21/14 2:30pm

Detroit's "Testicle-Eating" Monster Fish Won't Actually Eat Your Balls

On Monday, Detroit's WXYZ reported a red-bellied pacu had been caught in nearby Lake St. Clair, renewing fears from last summer that the weirdly toothy piranha relative was coming for our junk. As described by Vocativ, KMGH Denver and others, the pacu is "known for consuming human testicles" earning it the nickname… »7/16/14 2:00pm7/16/14 2:00pm

"Guy Doing 29 Celebrity Impressions" Was Actually a Team of 11 People

This video of songwriter Rob Cantor performing an original song in an impressive range of celebrity voices—everyone from Bono to Cher to Jeff Goldblum—has been watched 7 million times in a week, with commenters praising Cantor's spot-on impressions. Which makes sense, because they were actually done by a team of 11… »7/10/14 10:53am7/10/14 10:53am

If Gingers Go Extinct It Won't Be Because of Global Warming

This week, pale people both home and abroad wigged out after Scotland's Daily Record published an article claiming "redheads could become extinct" due to climate change. Citing an unnamed scientist, the paper forwarded the idea that increased sun exposure could kill off the world's ginger population like so many… »7/09/14 3:15pm7/09/14 3:15pm

Zombie-Like Mystery Epidemic in Texas Is Just Another Dumb Hoax

Solidifying their status as the very worst "satire" site on the Internet, the fake and bad National Report decided to capitalize on a full-fledged humanitarian crisis on Saturday, publishing an article titled "CDC Investigates Mystery Illness Spreading Through Border Towns." As described in the story, the… »7/08/14 4:00pm7/08/14 4:00pm

"Extreme Stalker" Who Called Ex 77,000 Times Is a Different Maniac

Radio stations across the country hit sweet, psycho ex-girlfriend paydirt last week when they dug up this article about "the most extreme case of stalking ever recorded in the history of the country." According to the story, one Linda Murphy was arrested in New Mexico after calling her ex-boyfriend 77,639 times in… »7/07/14 4:00pm7/07/14 4:00pm

"Leaked Star Wars Episode VII Footage" From Germany Is Fake (and Fun)

Principal photography for Star Wars Episode VII has been underway at London's Pinewood Studios since location shooting in Abu Dhabi wrapped up in May. The next installment of Star Wars is not being filmed at Frankfurt Airport, but that didn't stop this fake, fan-made video from getting more than a million YouTube… »7/07/14 12:51pm7/07/14 12:51pm