These Incredibly Photorealistic CG Images Are Actually Plain Old Photos

Through their Tumblr HyperrealCG, artists David O'Reilly and Kim Laughton have duped a handful of media outlets with an irresistible premise: computer-generated images that are so precise, so finely detailed, that they are totally indistinguishable from works of photography. Because that's exactly what they are. » 3/03/15 4:53pm Today 4:53pm

The False Demise of the Big Mac and the Problem With Fake Satire

There's a post making the social media rounds purporting to contain a tweet from McDonald's about the excision of the Big Mac from their menus! Whatever shall we do? Nothing, actually, because it's some dumb fake bullshit — as is every post ever produced on a fake satire site. » 3/01/15 12:31pm Sunday 12:31pm

That Semen-Vaping Pioneer's Cloud of Cum-Smoke Was Just a Cruel Ruse

As suddenly as the world gave us the first man to smoke semen from a vaporizer, it has cruelly taken him away. In a followup video, the man behind the cum-vaping stunt admits it was all a ruse, filmed for a documentary about fooling the online media. » 2/27/15 4:50pm Friday 4:50pm

Stop Sharing Those Photos of Fancy International School Lunches

By now, you've probably seen (or even shared) the popular set of photos showing delicious, healthful school lunches from around the world, juxtaposed with a photo of the American equivalent, which of course looks like complete dogshit by comparison. Stop sharing it. The images aren't meant to show actual school… » 2/27/15 12:30pm Friday 12:30pm

Russian Actor May Have Had His Balls Removed by a Sexy Organ Thief

A Russian soap opera actor may have been the victim of an organ trafficking gang, the Daily Mail reports. According to unnamed police sources, a "young, blonde woman" lured 30-year-old Dmitry Nikolaev to a Moscow sauna after a theatre performance. They allegedly kissed and drank beer, then he woke up at a bus stop … » 2/26/15 5:50pm Thursday 5:50pm

The Dark, Gritty Power Rangers Reboot Is Actually a Brilliant Joke

Everyone's losing their got-damn minds about Joseph Kahn's dark'n'gritty short film reboot of beloved '90s kids' action franchise Power Rangers, which features near-blockbuster-level production, meticulous editing, and tense scenes between James Van Der Beek and Katee Sackhoff. Holy shit, it's amazing! So dark, so… » 2/25/15 3:30pm 2/25/15 3:30pm

Fake Jim Carrey Cons His Way Onstage at the Czech Oscars

The Czech Lion Awards, the Czech Republic's equivalent of the Oscars, featured a surprise appearance by highly recognizable, very distinctive-looking American actor Jim Carrey. He took the stage, waved to the crowd, and silently fired a glitter cannon into the air, raining gold confetti down upon himself. Typical… » 2/23/15 12:00pm 2/23/15 12:00pm

Jasmine Tridevil Is Still Milking Her Fake Third Boob for Publicity

Jasmine Tridevil, the 21-year-old Floridian "dominatrix" with three breasts, maintains in a new interview with very reliable source the Daily Mail that her third boob is a surgical implant, not just a removable prosthesis. That's despite all evidence to the contrary: when her bag was lost at the airport last year, she » 2/19/15 12:50pm 2/19/15 12:50pm

Here's What We Know About ISIS's Alleged Organ Harvesting Operation

Iraq's ambassador to the U.N. claimed Wednesday that ISIS has been forcing doctors to harvest organs from the bodies of the people it's killed, and then selling those organs to fund its operations, according to an AP report. Ambassador Mohamed Alhakim called for a Security Council investigation into alleged mass… » 2/18/15 12:00pm 2/18/15 12:00pm

Fox News Floats BS Story About Fleeing Marines Giving Rebels Their Guns

It's Benghazi redux: As they secured the U.S. embassy in Yemen, the final Marines to leave the country handed their weapons over to Iran-friendly Houthi rebels, on orders from some Obama administration bureaucrat. That's the right-wing blogosphere's story, anyway, even though the Marine Corps calls it bullshit. » 2/13/15 4:30pm 2/13/15 4:30pm

People Think a Feminist Blogger Aborted Her Baby Because It Was a Boy

"I stand by my decision to abort my baby because it was a male," a woman wrote last month under the pseudonym "Lana." She claimed that after several bad experiences with men, she didn't want to risk bringing another "monster" supporter of the patriarchy into the world. The story circulated all over the tabloid media » 2/12/15 11:20am 2/12/15 11:20am

Those Rumors of a "Kanye Boycott" Are a Load of Bullshit

Your most gullible Facebook friends reported today that the outlaw Kanye West has been banned from future appearances at the Grammys, the Oscars, the MTV Video Music Awards, and the People's Choice Awards for his audacious crimes against the musical establishment. And further, that major TV networks have informally… » 2/11/15 12:36pm 2/11/15 12:36pm

Was Charles Manson's "Fiancée" Playing Him to Get Custody of His Corpse?

Murderous cult figurehead Charles Manson, now 80 and in prison for life, received a marriage license back in November so that he could tie the knot with Afton "Star" Elaine Burton, 26, who comes off in interviews like another crazed admirer. She might be more than that, though: their license has lapsed without a… » 2/09/15 3:25pm 2/09/15 3:25pm

Lab Results Are in on the Dead "Alien" a Woman Found in Her Can of Tuna

A couple of weeks ago, a U.K. woman grossed everyone out by tweeting photos of a tiny, translucent creature with beady black eyes that she found dead inside her can of tuna. Zoe Butler named the strange l'il guy "Eric," and later announced she'd turned it over to Princes Tuna, who sent it to a lab for testing. Now… » 2/06/15 10:18am 2/06/15 10:18am

This Week's Big Game of Thrones Spoiler Is Probably Just a Hoax

Don't believe everything you read on IMDb, no matter how much you want to. A listing spotted on the site earlier this week got a lot of Game of Thrones fans excited for the first appearance of a major character who'd been left out of season 4, but it might be nothing more than a hopeful lie. » 2/05/15 12:55pm 2/05/15 12:55pm