Model Who Became a Plastic Surgery Meme Says It Ruined Her Life, Doesn't Really Have Ugly Kids

There’s a persistent urban legend—it’s been around since at least 2004—about a Chinese woman who’d had plastic surgery, unbeknownst to her husband. Her secret was allegedly revealed after she gave birth to “ugly” children who didn’t look anything like her, and the couple divorced over the incident. The story has been … »11/06/15 11:24am11/06/15 11:24am


Drunk Navy Guy Didn't Really Use a Raccoon to Trick His Car's Breathalyzer

Idiots everywhere were taken in over the weekend by the irresistible story of a Navy petty officer who was too drunk to turn off the anti-DUI system on his car, so he grabbed a raccoon from a nearby park and squeezed some of its tiny, feral breath into the breathalyzer. The car started, according to the incident… »10/01/15 1:58pm10/01/15 1:58pm

R.E.M. Told Trump to Fuck Himself, But Their Alleged Lawsuit Against Him is a Hoax

R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe was disappointed to learn last week that gas-filled rotting pumpkin Donald Trump has been playing the band’s “It’s the End of the World as We Know It” at his campaign events. Stipe quickly requested that Trump cease using R.E.M.’s music and also go fuck himself, and several news outlets reported… »9/18/15 12:45pm9/18/15 12:45pm

ISIS Didn't Actually Tweet a "Warning" About the Chattanooga Shooting

This afternoon, an apparent ISIS supporter tweeted the above image along with the text “O Americans Dogs soon YOU Will see wonders #Chattanooga #USA #ISIS,” and some in the right-wing media reported that the tweet constituted an advance warning about the deadly attack. The only problem: It was posted long after the… »7/16/15 9:07pm7/16/15 9:07pm

This Woman's Big Fake Butt Did Not Explode

A woman’s butt implants exploded while she was doing squats at the gym for an Instagram workout video, hoping to become the next Jen Selter, according to News 4 San Antonio, Cosmopolitan, and several other sites. She’s now in a coma, with damage to several internal organs. But is she really? »7/15/15 11:05am7/15/15 11:05am

Jay Z and Beyonce, Black People, Not "Buying Rights" to Racist Emblem

In the aftermath of the mass shooting that killed nine in Charleston, S.C., the Confederate battle flag has come under fire as a symbol of shooter Dylann Roof’s racist ideology. And what’s better than taking down a racist symbol? How about one of the richest, most prominent black couples in America buying the rights… »7/08/15 12:00pm7/08/15 12:00pm

No, A Disabled Vet Was Not Second Place For Arthur Ashe Courage Award

If you’re into being alive, you know that Caitlyn Jenner adorned the cover of Vanity Fair Monday. If you’re into sports, you know that she will be honored with the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPY’s. And if you’re into uninformed idiots on social media, you know that there was a post circulating that stated… »6/04/15 11:35am6/04/15 11:35am

I Fooled Millions Into Thinking Chocolate Helps Weight Loss. Here's How.

“Slim by Chocolate!” the headlines blared. A team of German researchers had found that people on a low-carb diet lost weight 10 percent faster if they ate a chocolate bar every day. It made the front page of Bild, Europe’s largest daily newspaper, just beneath their update about the Germanwings crash. From there, it… »5/28/15 11:03am5/28/15 11:03am